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Drone Courses

Training is an important part of using drones safely and responsibly. Drone Flight Academy, as part of Drone Flight Company, is recognized as a training provider by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works. Drone Flight Academy offers different types of training.

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Flights classified with a low risk profile fall within the Open category. Based on the weight of the drone being flown (0-25 kilograms), the Open category is divided into three subcategories:

  • Subcategory A1

  • Subcategory A2

  • Subcategory A3

To fly within the Open category, pilots are required to hold the EU Drone License. For subcategories A1 and A3, the pilot must have completed (online) training + examination. To fly in A2 an additional theory exam needs to be passed. Training for the EU Drone License can be taken within Drone Flight Company both online and physically.


To deploy drones professionally, operators are often forced to operate within the Specific category. Depending on the operating license, this category offers many more options than the Open category. Flights within the Specific category are characterized by a medium to high risk profile. Flights within the CTR, over buildings with heavier drones or flights out of sight often fall within the Specific category. To operate as a pilot within the Specific category, you must have completed additional training in addition to the EU Drone License. Examples include:

  • Training courses for flying under a PDRA

  • Training courses for flying under a SORA

  • Training for operating a specific type of flight, e.g. night flying

Customized Training

In addition to regular training courses, Drone Flight Company also offers customized and applied training. These trainings are mainly focused on:

  • Performing inspections with drones

  • Mapping/surveying with drones

  • Expanding theoretical knowledge

  • Closely understanding the SORA


In addition, our instructors regularly accompany our clients to an assignment to train them even better in obtaining the desired data. This way we can be sure that the drone is used to its full potential!

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