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Tulpenvelden en windmolens


Handling a drone is something you learn while playing and Drone Association International Drone Association is committed to doing just that, for young and old. Having fun, exchanging knowledge and information and improving our flying skills is our main focus during the one- or multi-day Drone Events on our association grounds or elsewhere in the country. Our main sponsor and also chairman has his own drone sales and service point so we have all the necessary technical knowledge in-house. Our association is located on a farm in the middle of the Northeast Polder where we can fly freely and have all the space to get together and you can even pitch your tent with us.


Drones offer many innovative application possibilities to work faster, better, safer and more efficiently. Whether in warfare, rescue operations, checks and inspections, aerial or underwater observation, filming or photography, passenger transport or package delivery, we will soon be unable to do without drones. The innovation and development of drone technology is moving at lightning speed, which means there will be more and more applications involving drones.


The interest in the possibilities of drones and the techniques behind them is growing enormously and we as an association want to contribute to this in a stimulating way. We want to be a guide within the drone world and teach everyone how to use drones in a serious way. Photographing or filming at special locations? Mapping an (underwater) landscape, performing inspections with sonar or infrared or tracking humans and animals with a thermal imaging camera? Taking a look underwater or flying at lightning speed with an FPV drone? With us, anything is really possible.

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